Heat Exchangers and Radiators


Heat Exchangers and Radiators

Manteinance and reconstruction of radiators (urban mobility, railways, truck & bus, power generation, marine industry, etc.). Custom production of industrial radiators (power generation, aerospace, naval, petrochemical). Custom production of shell and tube heat exchangers (Naval, oil & Gas, power generation, petrochemical, nautical).

Supply through partnership with producers of heat exchangers of all types (dry cooler, gas cooler, gasket-plate and brazed plate exchangers, condensers, evaporators, aftercoolers, heat recovery units, etc.)


Overhaul, reconstruction and own production of radiators for various sectors: industrial, automotive, urban mobility, truck & bus, oil & gas, power generators, marine, air conditioning, aeronautics. Customized production based on sample, project or thermodynamic data.

Shell and tubes heat exchangers

Customized production of shell and tube exchangers on sample or on project for different types of applications in carbon steel, CuNi 90/10, AISI 304 / 316L stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze. Thanks to our flexibility we are able to manufacture small, medium and large heat exchangers.

Supply of all kinds of heat exchangers

Thanks to a dense network of partners and suppliers we are able to offer heat exchangers of all types such as dry coolers, gas coolers, inspectable or brazed plate exchangers, evaporators, condensers, steam exchangers, flue gas recoverers and complex systems such as adiabatic evaporative towers and lithium bromide / water and ammonia / water absorbers.

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