The Company

quality and expertise

A history of success

In 1960, Aniello Mastellone opened a small artisan workshop in Terzigno (Naples) specialized in lights alloy working and, with the diffusion of cars, also in the assistance and repairing of car radiators.

In 1999, His son Sergio Mastellone, pursuing his father’s business, founds Centro Radiatori. Led by his intellectual curiosity for innovation and thanks to the experience gained from working in the company inherited from his father, Sergio decides to embark on a path of professional growth touching every sector concerning heat exchanging.

In 2015 Centro Radiatori inaugurates its new headquarters and entering as a player of the thermic sector both nationally and internationally. The technological investment and the know-how acquired allow Centro Radiatori to operate in various sectors and to provide integrated standard and custom solutions with the satisfaction of the client as the main goal.


It's the quality that makes the difference

Centro Radiatori by Sergio Mastellone is constantly committed to provide the best quality services and products.

Our company obtained the following certifications ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 – ISO 45001:2018

The company produces, repairs and rebuilds heat exchangers of every type and size, and provides immediate assistance on-site or at our facility.